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The Magic Mirror Photo Booth

Utilizing the latest technology in interactive picture taking!

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New Generation Photo Booths

The modern version of the Retro Photo Booth that gives you that
nostalgic feel of a true Old-Fashioned Photo Booth!

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The Strip Photo Booth

The newest innovation in Photo Booth design!

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Shifoto Photo Booth Rentals

Shifoto is a full service Photo Booth Rental and Photography company. We started our company in 1977 providing photography services.

We started renting photo booths in 2008. We were the first company to provide photo booths to West Virginia and the surrounding areas. The rental business grew expentially. We found our services in demand over the entire East Central, United States. We have traveled from Erie, PA, Long Island, NY, Washington DC, Myrtle Beach, Memphis and many cities in between.

We strive to distinguish ourselves from the average Photo Booth Company by offering an attractive array of Photo Booths.

We also provide the best photographic product possible. The first class, personal service we add to our Photo Booth Rental program sets us a notch above the rest.

When you hire us for your event, it is the Company Owners, not hired help that will work with you. In today’s society, everybody wants to buy things cheap. If you have spent thousands of dollars to have an event like no other, do you really want to get the cheapest Photo Booth that you can find?

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Quality has never come cheap, only shoddy products and service come cheap. No matter what, you get what you pay for.

--Charles Shiflet

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Photo Booth Rentals DC

In our continuing efforts to offer the best service possible, Shifoto has added one of the newest Photo Booths available, The Magic Mirror.

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth not only provides a quality photographic keepsake, it entertains you with its custom animations and verbal interactions.

This Photo Booth is customizable to suit any kind of event rental. Check out all our available Photo Booths Here, and request your personalized price quote for the Photo Booth of your choice.

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West Virginia
New Jersey
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Shifoto Photography

We are happy for the opportunity to show you some of our work. We specialize in photographing people and capturing the most important moments in their lives. Our studio is located on Race Track Road in Coal City. It is surrounded by the natural beauty of trees, rocks, and greenery where we have also placed several props to take your environmental portraits. Our prices are very competitive in our field without compromising the professional quality and care you deserve.

--Charles Shiflet

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